Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

There are so many aspects that go into a wedding day.  One of the most important is of course the bride and of course she wants to look and feel the most beautiful she has ever been on this day.  One way to do this is to hire a professional hair and makeup artist to perfect your look for the day and for pictures.  Another way is to take care of yourself leading up to the wedding day.  Lea Buehler, B Gorgeous offers these tips

* Don’t do your eyebrows yourself.  They frame your face, so let a professional do them.  If you have never had them done before get a referral from a friend with great brows or your hair and makeup artist.   Make sure you go at least 2 months before your wedding to try it out and see how your skin reacts.  I personally have very sensitive skin so I can only get mine threaded.  Waxing breaks me out for weeks!

* Your skin is going to be front and center on your bid day! Everyone’s skin and skin problems are so different but there is one thing that helps everyone’s skin…diet!  You need to drink water throughout the day and eat all your fruits and veggies.  This not only helps your skin but your hair and your nails too! Plus what bride doesn’t need more energy to get everything done?!  If you have more serious skin problems I highly recommend seeing an esthetician or a dermatologist depending on the severity.  I suffer from skin problems and see a dermatologist.  My skin problems have been getting better and better and prescribed medical lotions are less expensive than store brands with my insurance! I also would have never known that dairy was causing 95% of my skin problems.

* No matter how long you want your hair to be on your wedding day please get trims.  You can ask your stylist to cut off as little as possible and it will still look much healthier and you won’t have to get a bunch cut off after your wedding.  Sometimes I spend more time trying to get my brides’ ends to look healthy and smooth than the entire rest of their hairstyle.  Just trim that 1/2 an inch off, you and your day of hair stylist will be so happy you did.

* Whiten your teeth the safe, easy and cheap way! This is the “recipe” I have used and had good results with but you can find a lot of different ones on Pintrest.  Mix together a little toothpaste, one teaspoon baking soda, one teaspoon peroxide and a half a teaspoon water.  Brush your teeth with this mixture for no more then 2 minutes.  Do this once a week until you have your desired results.  After that only once every month or two to keep them nice and white.

* My secret amazing do everything weapon..coconut oil! I am so in love with this.  I have to use acne cream which can be very drying and putting coconut oil on my face every night not only helps my acne because it is antibacterial but it keeps my skin from drying out.  I also put it over my eyes and lashes every night and my lashes love it!   Once a week I put my coconut oil in a small spray bottle I bought from the travel section of Target, pop it in the microwave to melt it and spray it on my hair.  I make sure to get a lot on my ends then put my hair up in a bun to sleep.  The next morning I shampoo and condition like normal and my hair looks amazing.

Once you have done all this you will be feeling pretty fabulous! Now for the big day! How do you find a hair and makeup artist and why do you need one?  I am all about referrals! Whenever I am going to hire someone I ask multiple people for referrals.  Do you have a friend who loved her hair and makeup on her wedding day? Ask her.  You can also ask your wedding venue and photographer.  Once you have some referrals go online and read their reviews.  You can do this on Wedding Wire, The Knot, Yelp, Facebook, etc.  Contact a few that you would like to get more information, availability and pricing from.  Note, most hair and makeup artist book brides 6 months to a year out!

This may sound like a lot of work and you may be thinking that you don’t want to hire a hair and makeup artist because you want to look natural, do your own hair or have a friend who does her own well and has offered to do yours.  Of course you don’t have to hire a professional but here are some reasons you should.  Artists who specialize in bridal have spent a lot of time and money building a kit that is just for brides.  We know what makeup photographs well and what doesn’t.  We know that the camera is going to take off 40% of your makeup in pictures so to add a little more in certain areas that will pop in pictures but still look amazing and not over done in person.  We also know how to make your hair do amazing things you never knew it could do and stay in that way all day!  One of the biggest reasons is to start out your day completely relaxed, being pampered and having someone else make you gorgeous! I wanted to do my own hair and makeup on my big day because it is what I do for a living and love! My bridesmaids talked me into hiring someone and I am so happy I did.  I just got to sit back, relax and really enjoy the morning.  Then BAM I looked like a bride.  I felt so beautiful and ready to get married.  The final recommendation I have is once you find an artist book a trial run.  I make quite a few changes to my trial run look for my wedding day.  Not only does it make the bride feel totally confident that they will look amazing on their big day and that it will last but it helps the artist to know your skin type, hair type and how to achieve the look you want.  It will make your day of go much smoother.

Congratulations and good luck!!!

Lea is an amazing hair and makeup artist and the sweetest person you will meet.  Check out her work at

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