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Welcome to the Studio!

This post is about 5 months over due but finally I am officially introducing you to the Studio!  We acquired the space in November, right smack in the middle of our crazy, insane, no time to breathe busy season so it has taken until now to really dial everything in to just how we want […]

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New Albums :: Print your pictures!

One of my favorite things to do for my boys is to make an album from their First Year.  I love including stories and milestones in their albums and of course a ton of pictures.  I just got Jacob’s First Year album delivered last week, all of 90 pages!!  I am so in love with […]

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Why Albums are so important :: Sacramento Wedding and Portrait Photographer

On our wedding anniversary I decided to pull out our wedding album to show Evan.  It was the cutest thing to watch him flip through the pages pointing out everyone he knew “hey there’s Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa….Mommy and daddy and mommy’s new shoes!”  Explaining to a 3 year old what a wedding […]

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Creating Memory Albums for your Family

My kids are very well documented.  I have probably thousands of pictures by now of Evan over the last 3 years and our family as it has grown over time.  I am one for creating memories that my kids will be able to enjoy and look back upon once they are older and I am […]

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Which photo gear should you take on vacation?

It’s officially summer which means lots of sun and vacations!  If you’re like me, you take your camera practically every where with you especially on vacation, and no I’m not talking about the camera in your phone, although I admit that I use my iPhone camera a little too much on a daily basis.  But […]

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