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Portland, Oregon’s Frozen Waterfalls :: Personal


I can’t even believe tomorrow is March, where has 2017 gone already?!  And it only took me almost 2 months to edit and post these photos from my fun trip to Portland, Oregon back in January.  I met so many like-minded, creative, passionate, loving individuals at one of my favorite photography conferences, Mystic Seminar.  I came home so inspired I could burst!  Lots of changes and big plans for this year and beyond, constantly growing and pushing myself.  And the icing on the cake during my stay in Oregon was visiting the waterfalls that I have wanted to see for a very long time.  And to my surprise, when I flew into Portland there was still SNOW on the ground!  When I arrived at the Hilton at 9am I talked with the concierge about how I can go about seeing the waterfalls, because I was determined this time.  He said the main tour buses were not going out there right now because conditions are dangerous and “Portlanders” don’t know how to drive in these conditions and it has been extremely windy which also makes it hard to drive in, however there is one independent tour company that said she’s willing to take me out there.  Now I’m a bit hesitant, “should I even GO now?  Is it too dangerous?”  The concierge looked at me and said “are you here for the photography conference?”  I replied “yes” he said “You’re a photographer, you HAVE to go!  These are epic conditions.  The waterfalls are NEVER like this, you HAVE to photograph them!”  DONE!  I told him to give me 30 minutes while I run across the street to Columbia to buy a pair of hiking shoes, since my Vans weren’t going to cut it today, a beanie and some gloves.  Then I asked if there was a camera shop around because I didn’t bring my tripod, and he said with a pause for a second, “come with me….”  I followed him out of the hotel and across the street to his car where he had a tripod in his trunk.  He said “you can borrow mine, I trust you’ll bring it back.  I’ll be working tomorrow all day so just give it to me then.”  Everything just lined up perfectly for this trip, I couldn’t believe it!  So off I went!  What an incredible experience visiting all 7 waterfalls, hiking in to see them and also getting to know the tour lady who was so sweet, she brought extra jackets, scarves and hats for me as well as made us sandwiches at one of the stops.  This was a big CHECK off my Wanderlust list and now I have the above photo printed on metal and hanging in my home, and I smile every time I look at it.


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David & Jordan :: Engaged, Sacramento Wedding Photographer

JQP_0912This winter has been an extremely wet one, and we need it, but it sure sucks having to reschedule so many photo sessions due to the bad weather.  I decided to pitch an idea to this amazing couple.  Lets embrace Mother Nature and just have fun with it!  It was wet, it was cold but it was so much fun and so worth it!  These two really went all out for me, did everything I asked them to as crazy as it must have sounded, and as they were shivering and drenched from head to toe they said they had a blast!  My camera was soaked as well, my makeshift ziplock bag with a hole cut out just didn’t cut it to keep it dry, but it still works so that’s a relief!  I love their adventurous spirit!

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