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Chris & Kaity :: Married, Diablo Ranch Weddings

Chris and Kaity were married at one of my favorite places in the Bay Area, Diablo Ranch. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day, and these two were such a dream to work with!  Their day was full of love, lots of laughter and great friends and family and it was amazing to witness and document all of it.

Lea with LB Gorgeous did a fantastic job on Kaity’s hair and makeup, and Kaity being the do-it-herself type did an amazing job on all of her flowers, boutonnieres and centerpieces!

Chris & Kaity :: Engaged, Sacramento Engagement Photographer


Kaity met Chris at a Starbucks.  She had just recently moved to the area for Med School and decided to go get some coffee and study while enjoying the outdoors.  Apparently she wasn’t the only one with that idea because Starbucks was packed and the only place she could find to sit was a cement planter.  After a few moments a guy who was on the phone signaled to her that she could sit at his table since he was alone and had an empty seat, so she accepted his invitation.  She remembers sitting at the table looking through her large text book and thinking it was funny that he too had a large “geeky” text book.  Once he finished with his phone call they got to talking and realized they both were new to the area and decided to exchange email addresses so they could connect again and explore the town together.  Kaity ended up falling in love with his charm, and the fact that she had so much fun when she was with him; and of course how could Chris resist Kaity’s beauty and also the fact that she is the whole package: gorgeous, smart, ambitious and has such a fun personality!  They are just perfect for each other and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!!


Jacob :: 7 Months

It makes me so sad to say it out loud, Jacob is 7 months old already and I have no idea where the time has gone!  I remember so vividly being pregnant and feeling guilty and a little sad because for the last 3 years Evan had been the center of our Universe and now our time would be split between 2 kids and I was afraid of how Evan was going to handle it.  Once Jacob was born Evan was an amazing big brother, he didn’t want to touch the baby but he observed him from afar and never seemed to get jealous because we made it a point to give him extra attention and him and I would go on little mommy and son dates every once in awhile.  Then we went camping right around when Jacob turned 6 months old and everything changed, for the good.  Evan started interacting and playing with Jacob and when we got home from our trip Evan was obsessed with Jacob, he even told me “Mommy, I don’t want to go to school, I just want to stay home and play with Jacob.”  It was then I realized that the best thing we ever did for Evan was to give him a baby brother.  He is constantly trying to teach him things and his favorite thing to do is make Jacob laugh.  Anytime Jacob cries Evan immediately says “Jacob it’s ok, you don’t have to cry” and tries to console him.  It is amazing to watch the two of them together, Evan constantly teaching Jacob and Jacob always watching his brother, I’m sure he’s taking it all in and will be just as crazy as his big brother one day.

It is definitely a lot busier with 2 kids, that’s for sure!  I remember being on top of posting pictures of Evan once a month on my blog, now with Jacob I take a lot of pictures but they tend to sit on my computer waiting to be edited for months.  One of these days I will get caught up on their pictures but man I just LOVE these 2 boys!

Danielle :: Baby Bump, Sacramento Maternity Photographer

Danielle is so gorgeous and her baby bump is adorable!  She’s having another boy and if he’s anything like his big brother Axle he’s going to be so adorable and full of energy, like most boys are!  I cannot wait to meet him very soon!

Ted & Alicia :: Married, Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

Ted & Alicia were married at one of the most gorgeous locations in California, The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.  It was a destination wedding for them and their friends and family coming from Chicago.  These two are the sweetest couple, really.  They adore each other and it’s so apparent just looking at them.  They also have the most adorable little boy who I had so much fun photographing.  All day these two made my assistant and me feel like we were a part of their family.  The day was utterly perfect.