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Iris :: 1 year, Sacramento Family Photographer


I couldn’t be more honored to have documented this family’s engagement, wedding, maternity with both babies and all of their family’s milestones.  They are the most beautiful family inside and out and I not only love photographing them but just spending time with them.  Both Lily and Iris know me and give me hugs when I see them and we just play throughout our session, and since they know me they feel comfortable being themselves which in turn means I get to document their true personalities, curiosity and silliness.  Allen_01Allen_08Allen_09Allen_11Allen_12Allen_23Allen_28Allen_35Allen_47Allen_49Allen_50Allen_52Allen_62Allen_65Allen_71Allen_100

Matt & Erin :: Married, Chicago Wedding Destination Photographer


One of my favorite things about destinations weddings (other than the traveling part where we get to explore new places and eat good food) is spending so much time with our couple and their family.  I photographed 2 of Erin’s friends’ weddings in the past and at the last wedding I remember Erin telling me at the reception that when she gets married, no matter where in the world it is she will have me photograph it for her.  I truly feel honored these two flew Scott and I almost across the US to document their love story.  Their wedding was nothing short of fabulous!

Matt & Erin chose to do a First Look on the Terrace of the Trump Tower with an amazing view!  Then we took the whole bridal party to Clark St. Bridge for some really fun photos.  They had their ceremony and reception at City Winery which was a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony and perfect for their reception since it’s known for their music shows and Matt and Erin hired an awesome band to perform the whole night, and let me tell you, they ROCKED!Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_02Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_03Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_04Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_05Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_06Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_07Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_08Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_09Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_10Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_11Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_12Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_13Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_14Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_15Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_16Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_17Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_18Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_19Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_20Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_21Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_22Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_23Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_24Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_25Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_26Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_27Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_28Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_29Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_30Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_31Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_32Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_33Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_34Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_35Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_36Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_37Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_38Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_39Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_40Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_41Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_42Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_43Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_44Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_45Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_46Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_47Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_48Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_49 Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_51Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_52Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_53Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_54Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_50

Austin :: 6 Months, Sacramento Baby Photographer


This baby.  He could be a model with those big blue eyes and all that baby chub!  I had so much fun with this family, as I do every time I see them.  We ran around in the grass, picked flowers and played in the bubbles!Choate_03Choate_37Choate_13 Choate_28Choate_20Choate_29Choate_31Choate_35 Choate_38Choate_64Choate_68Choate_72Choate_80Choate_86Choate_87Choate_88Choate_90

Olivia :: Newborn, Sacramento Belly and Baby Photographer


  I am so behind at posting these sessions!  I traveled up to the snow with Teresa and Mike for the Baby Bump session because they love the snow, and I was very excited to play in the snow with them!  Hair and makeup done by my fav, Lea Buehler with BGorgeousEnricoEnrico_07Enrico_08Enrico_12Enrico_27Enrico_01Enrico_15Enrico_22Enrico_48

Gino :: 6 Months, Sacramento Baby Photographer


This sweet boy, look at those big brown eyes!Banuelos_04 Banuelos_38Banuelos_25Banuelos_43Banuelos_47 Banuelos_52Banuelos_49