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Gianna – 9 Months :: Sacramento Lifestyle Photography

Gianna is 9 months old and such a doll!  I was so excited when we decided to do this session in their home to document a day in the life of Gianna.  It was such a blast and I just love this type of session because I love documenting moments not just pretty pictures.  Moments between a family that they never want to forget but how quickly you lose those memories as kids grow and move into a new stage of their life.  After showing Gianna’s mom these pictures she said she was so glad we decided to do the session in their home because these pictures are so much more personal to her.  Of course it’s great to have pretty portraits of your kids but I feel it’s even more important to have moments documented.  Grandma even loved these pictures so much because it was a peek into Gianna’s everyday life.

Bodie, CA :: Personal

If you haven’t been to Bodie, you need to put it on your Must See list!  It is one of the biggest ghost town with a population of 10,000 people in 1879.  It was a gold and silver mining town and also a very sinful town with over 100 brothels and 70 saloons and only 30-45 attendants at each of the 2 churches in town.  A lot of history is in this town and you can almost feel it as you walk down the streets peering into the windows of the abandoned houses and storefronts.  This was my 5th time visiting Bodie and I finally was able to see almost all of the town and we even took a tour of the Stamp Mine (which I HIGHLY recommend!).  I was so excited to bring Evan here and was afraid I would be building myself up for letdown with Evan not being too interested in it but it was quite the opposite, I think he was more excited than I even expected.  He was running through the town saying “look at this.  Let’s look in here.  Did you see that.  Let’s go over here.  Come on Mommy and Daddy!!!”  We spent about 3 1/2 hours walking through the town and soaking in the history and we all loved every minute of it.  Even Jacob enjoyed it while he was in the baby carrier while my mother-in-law carried him, he slept the whole time!

Bridgeport :: Personal

Bridgeport, our home away from home, a tradition that I have been included in for the last 8 years and one that my husband and his family has carried on since he was just a baby. My Father-in-law and his dad came to Bridgeport when he was just a teen, fell in-love with the area and has come back every year since. We meet my in-laws there, they stay in their trailer and we stay in a tiny 1 bedroom cabin (as of when we had Evan, before we used to tent camp) and watch the deer and usually a bear come through camp everyday (the bear at night). We fish, play on the beach, roast marshmallows and do as much relaxing as we can with 2 kids.

We love making S’mores!

Bridgeport’s Old Court House.  It’s Evan’s favorite building because he loves the bell tower on top and waits eagerly for it to go off every time we go to town.

Cody was in doggie paradise!

We had some amazing sunsets!

Jacob was a happy camper!

My little fisherman caught his first fish!

I’m pretty sure Cody wanted to eat that fish.

I loved kayaking on the lake!

Uncle Ryan trying to get Evan to hook some fish

Our little cabin

This little man turned 6 months old while on our trip.

Oh these boys!

Hangin’ with Uncle Ryan

3 Generations of fishermen

We took Evan to Bodie for the first time but those pictures deserve it’s own blog post.  I cannot wait to share those with you!

Brian & Megan :: Sacramento Engagement Photographer

These two are just the cutest thing!  They’ve known each other for a long time through school and their mom’s became and still are great friends.  Then Brian and Megan headed off to College and it wasn’t until they both moved home and met up at a party when they realized that maybe there was something between them.  They are getting married this October at Catta Verdera Golf Course and they are even having their adorable dog be a part of their Ceremony.  I cannot wait for their big day!

Julia :: Baby Bump, Sacramento Maternity Photographer

I have been photographing Julia, her super sweet husband David and their adorable little boy Henri since Henri was 6 months old.  So when she emailed me that she is expecting baby #2 I was over the moon excited for them!  Then when she announced they are having a boy, I was even more excited for them!  We spent the evening at Folsom Lake playing in the water and taking advantage of the amazing sky we got.  I cannot wait to meet baby boy #2 in September!