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A Workshop just for Moms :: Learn how to take better pictures of your kids

Mom’s Gonna Snap!

You have these kids, and they’re pretty darn cute, and they do these really cute and awesome things that you want to remember forever, so you take pictures of them, lots and lots of pictures.  But maybe the pictures don’t come out like you thought they would, or maybe you have a camera that you have no idea how to use other than in Automatic, I mean you paid good money for the camera you should learn what all the bells and whistles do.

This workshop WILL NOT BE how to pose your kids or how to create a photography business.

This workshop WILL BE how to take better pictures of your kids.  How to find good light, how to get genuine expressions of your kids and how to use your SLR camera.  Don’t have an SLR camera?  That’s OK, everything I will teach you will allow you to see the world differently so no matter what type of camera you’re using, SLR or camera phone, you will take better pictures.

Class will be on Saturday July 16th at 11am and approximately 2 hours long and held in my Roseville, CA studio and will have drinks and goodies and there may or may not be some extra goodies included, but shhhhhh, it’s a surprise!

Spots are $250 and there are very limited seats available so email me at to reserve your spot.


To all the Father’s out there :: Happy Father’s Day!


Your wipe away my tears, pick me up when I fall and your shoulder makes for a warm and comforting pillow.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, you are loved!Barrera_03Beasley_40Bianchi_04Brown_119Choate_20Covert_39Gabriel_35Hernandez_21Lecroy_13Nguyen_35Oesterreich_38Warner_38

Troy :: 1 Year, Sacramento First Birthday Photographer


Oh Troy, you are so dang adorable!!  I’m so sad that your Baby Plan has come to an end but I look forward to seeing you throughout your Toddler years and beyond!Davis_01-Davis_001Davis_00001Davis_02Davis_04Davis_10Davis_16Davis_25Davis_31Davis_51Davis_76Davis_82Davis_88

Nolan :: First Birthday, Sacramento Baby Photographer


Nolan is 1 already and I have so enjoyed documenting his first year of life!  He is such a happy and curious little guy and he LOVED his cake!Beasley_20Beasley_39Beasley_46Beasley_47Beasley_48Beasley_50Beasley_53Beasley_59Beasley_60Beasley_73Beasley_74Beasley_75

Elliot :: Newborn, Sacramento Newborn Photographer


Baby Elliot came into the studio at 5 weeks new and slept like a champ!  He was the sleepiest little thing and I just loved snuggling him!!  I can’t wait to document your first year of life baby Elliot!Coles_09Coles_13Coles_17Coles_24Coles_25Coles_33Coles_40Coles_51Coles_52