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Tyler :: Newborn, Sacramento Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Tyler came into the studio at 10 days new.

Hudson :: 18 Months, Sacramento Toddler Photographer

I love the Toddler years.  Yes they’re crazy and non-stop but as a mom who has already gone through this stage with both of my kids, I really miss is which is why I LOOOOVE documenting it for other families.  Hudson kept us on our toes through the whole session, exploring, checking out all types of sticks, throwing rocks in the water and learning how to throw leaves in the air.  We had so much fun that he was pretty tired by the end and ready for a little nap on his way back home.  I am so excited to be able to document this little guy’s toddler years, so get ready to see more of this sweet face!     

Puppies and Babies :: Sacramento Baby and Pet Photographer


I pretty much had the session of my dreams in the studio yesterday…puppies and babies!  Yes, it was a lot of work.  Both Anna (baby’s mama and puppy breeder) and I were sweating within the first 5 minutes trying to gather up the puppies and then keep them in whatever area or prop we were trying to capture.  And yes, there was pee pee everywhere!  But it was all worth it!  I loved being able to snuggle the puppies and play with 1o month old Matthew.

I’m thinking this would be such a great thing to offer dog breeders.  Bring puppies into the studio for a session to get each puppy photographed individually and then as a whole and watch how fast your puppies get adopted.  I’m amazed at how many people have inquired about adopting these puppies through my instagram!

But if you have a new pet in your family, I’d love to document your family with your new fur baby as well!  Email me for details! 

Ashley and Rory :: Pet Photography

Ashley really wanted to capture her best friend now that she’s getting older.  Rory is a 12 year old beautiful lab and Ashley’s boyfriend surprised her for Christmas with a gift certificate for a session. We picked a place that would be perfect for Rory to roam and sniff out new scents and trails, she was really in her happy place, do you see the smile on her face?  And Ashley loved loving on her throughout the session, and it was fun to include her boyfriend, Ian into some of the pictures as well.  It’s always such a great idea to include a fur baby into your session, and since I’m a huge animal lover I will NEVER say No when asked if clients can bring their dogs.  Heck, I love including the cats too when I do in-home lifestyle sessions too.  Ashley let me know that Rory fell asleep as soon as she got in the car to go home and had a great night’s sleep, probably the best in a long time.  She doesn’t get that much exercise anymore, so I know she was exhausted!

We never know how long we will have with our fur babies so it’s always a great idea to capture them while we can!  Message me to schedule your family session with your fur baby.