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Kinsley :: 9 Months, Sacramento Baby Photographer


Kinsley :: 1 Year, Sacramento First Birthday Photographer


I love photographing siblings and their bond that grows so much over the first year of the 2nd baby’s life!  I can’t even believe Kinsley is already 1 year old and Parker is almost 4 years old, where does the time really go?!  It goes by so fast but good thing we stop to take pictures along the way, pictures we can hold onto forever even after the kids are all grown up.Gabriel_01-Gabriel_01Gabriel_22Gabriel_37Gabriel_49Gabriel_56Gabriel_57Gabriel_71Gabriel_72Gabriel_81Gabriel_87

Matthew :: 6 Months, Sacramento Baby Photographer


Charlie :: Newborn, Sacramento Newborn Photographer



John & Maria :: Engaged, Sacramento Engagement & Wedding Photographer


When Maria told me she had her heart set on doing their engagement session at the park near her home in Reno I was all for it.  She has loved living in this area and will be moving to Spokane, Washington where John lives soon so she wanted these lasting memories.  She told me it was beautiful in the fall but when I arrived I was floored at how beautiful it really was!  Every where I turned there was color and beauty and so many angles to photograph!  Plus, these two were just so adorable together they made my job easy.  And to think Maria told me she was so nervous to get in front of the camera but I couldn’t tell one bit!

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