Yan :: Baby Bump, Sacramento Maternity Photographer

Can Yan be any more gorgeous??!!  And she’s carrying 2 babies in there, yep 2!  2 sweet baby girls that I cannot wait to snuggle for their newborn session!  Yan’s hair and makeup was done by my favorite, Lea Buehler with BGorgeous.

Gerrell & Kasey :: Engaged, Sacramento Wedding Photographer

These two, seriously the cutest!  I cannot wait to document their wedding day very soon at the gorgeous Old Sugar Mill!  And not only are they an adorable couple but they made the cutest little man, Zander, just 6 months old and of course he had to make an appearance in their session because, well, just look at his face! 

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Jacqueline Photography!

Can I get a little personal today?  10 years ago this year I officially (and legally) started Jacqueline Photography, and 10 years ago this month I decided to begin this adventure of photography full-time.  This meant leaving the security of a paycheck and health benefits from a job I despised going to, sitting at a desk in front of a computer from 8-5 “designing” sewer and water lines and having the title “Civil Engineer” but hating every second of it.  5 years prior to this I had begun mentoring with a wedding photographer, absorbing everything I possibly could because I just felt like that’s what I was meant to do, it was really the only thing that made my heart sing and what I felt I was meant to do.  So I worked hard, harder than I ever had for this dream.  I worked 3 jobs while going to College and then assisting at weddings on the weekends.  Then I graduated and began working 8-5 during the week and leaving my “real” job at the end of the day and heading to another photographer’s studio to help anywhere I could (for free of course), just so I could learn.  Learn what it takes to run a business/studio and a lot of what not to do as well.  Shooting on the weekends either for myself or for other photographers.  Then one day while sitting at work (my “real” job at the time), my co-worker said “why don’t you start your own photography business?”  Um, because that’s craaaaazy!  Leave the security of a paycheck for the unknown?!  What if people don’t like my work?  What if no one calls?  What if I fail?  WHAT IF I SUCK?  All those things rain through my head and I even said them out loud a lot.  But after sleeping on it a few nights and many conversations with my husband, Scott, who was just my boyfriend at the time, Scott said “just do it!  I will cover all the bills while you build your business.  Lets just see what happens.”  Wow, he has that much confidence in me, I think I can do this!  My dad also stepped in and gave me a small business loan to “buy all the equipment you need to start a photography business” and I am so grateful for that and for his confidence in me as well!  I really couldn’t have done this without their support.

10 years later I have accomplished so much and still am growing and reaching for new goals.  I finally have the studio of my dreams, the most wonderful clients I absolutely love seeing on a regular basis and my husband was able to leave his stress inducing job 6 years ago to join what is now our journey with the business, and with his help he we have grown in infinite ways with the business and also as a husband and wife team.

The clients I have who entrust me in documenting their milestones, ones who have been with me from the VERY beginning as well.  I am so very grateful for all of you!  Some days I have to pinch myself that this is the life we are living, I followed my dream and it has made my heart sing since the beginning.  It hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns but I always believe that when you put your blood, sweat and tears into something that is yours you treasure it so much more.  I really cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and for Jacqueline Photography.  Thank you to all who support us and allow me to step into your lives with my camera and document not only what your family looks like but what your family life feels like, that’s the most precious gift!  I cannot wait to see where the next 10 years and beyond take us!

*Makeup by my favorite, Lea Buehler with LBGorgeous

What’s a better way to celebrate than doing a cake smash?!

Since I quickly realized it’s more fun to see babies and kids smashing into cake I had to bring in my backup cake eaters, my boys, Evan and Jacob.


Chris & Meagan :: Engaged, Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness, these two were so fun to photograph!  I love when couples aren’t afraid of getting close and showing off their love and these two snuggled right in and just loved on each other through the whole session.  I was pretty excited when Chris arrived with his ’65 Mustang GT350, I may have drooled over it a bit.  I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in October, Chris plans to bring some more fun cars to their wedding too!

Tommy & Nikole :: Married, San Francisco City Hall Wedding

It was a beautiful day in the city.  The sun was shining, it was warm and it was the day Nikole and Tommy picked to get married, or more like elope with their closest family members.  They chose the San Francisco City Hall to have their Civil Ceremony, which was a gorgeous location!  They saw each other for the first time on the steps of the Court House with their family watching.  It was a much anticipated moment!!  Their Ceremony was short and sweet and was done in the circular room just above the grand staircase, tt was the perfect intimate wedding ceremony focused on their love for each other.  After the Ceremony we ventured towards the bay and had some fun at the Sutro Baths, hiking around and exploring, eventually making it to the view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was really the perfect day!

Lea Buehler with BGorgeous beautified Nikole with hair and makeup, which wasn’t hard to do because she is naturally beautiful!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer