Creating Memory Albums for your Family

My kids are very well documented.  I have probably thousands of pictures by now of Evan over the last 3 years and our family as it has grown over time.  I am one for creating memories that my kids will be able to enjoy and look back upon once they are older and I am all about albums.  I have created an album every year for Evan, his first year being the max amount of pages my album company could do, which was 70, in addition to filling out his baby book with milestones.  But after his first year I quickly realized there were still a lot of milestones that I never wanted to forget yet his baby book only went up to 1 year.  So I decided to combine his yearly album of pictures with his milestones and memories of trips we had taken and other memories I never want to forget.

After his first album I decided that I wanted to document his milestones and memories for each month.  Then for his 3rd album I combined everything into every 6 months.  It is a lot of work to remember to write things down but I’ve gotten in the habit of putting notes in my phone of things Evan says or does so I can refer back to them when creating his album.  I love looking back through his older albums and seeing how much he has changed and also reading the stories and I know he will appreciate it when he’s older.

This type of album is offered through our Toddler Package which documents 4 sessions within 2 years (18 months, 2 years, 2 1/2 years and 3 years old) or you can create one of your own through an album building website.  However you do it, it’s so important to write those memories down so you can have them forever as well as creating albums for your kids.

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