Bridgeport 2011 :: Personal

Every year the family and I head to Bridgeport, CA for a fun filled week of camping, fishing, hiking and all kinds of other fun!  We always meet Scott’s parents and brother there, and Scott has been camping there since he was in his mom’s tummy so it’s a family tradition.  This year we were excited and nervous about taking Evan on his first camping trip because of course with a baby we had no idea how he would handle everything, but he did fantastic!  He loved being in the outdoors, watching the deer, birds and chipmunks run around in our campground.  He also loved watching the water rush over the rocks in the creek in our campground and I’m pretty sure he could’ve sat there all day watching the water.  We had a blast showing Evan around our favorite place on earth, getting his toes wet in the lake and introducing him to his first campfire.  And I know my mother-in-law loved her grandma time since she doesn’t get to see him as often as she’d like since they live in Southern California.

Evan had his first ice cream at Jolly Kone, and loved it!

We stayed in a “Rustic Cabin” this year which was the size of a tool shed, but it was perfect for the 3 of us.  Every year we get bears in the campgrounds so we thought it would be safest to have a roof over our heads with the little one, and sure enough this year didn’t disappoint.  We had a bear in our camp almost every night, and we actually saw the bear one night about 20′ from our window, a big cuddly brown bear (ok, probably not cuddly but he looked so cute and cuddly).

Check out those bottom teeth!  He’s got 2 top teeth too!

Virginia Lake, one of our favorite fishing spots.

Twin Lakes in Mammoth

Evan and Grandma

Fishing upper Twin Lake

This year was filled with a bunch of firsts for me as well.  We did a ton of fishing and I am proud to say that after many years of resisting learning how to fly fish, I gave in and now LOVE it!  I caught a couple fish as well, which makes it even more exciting on the fly rod.  I also learned how to shoot a bow, which is something Scott and his dad love to do, and enjoy going bow hunting when they get drawn.

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