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A lot of couples are unsure about doing a First Look on their wedding day.  You may ask, “what is a first look?”  It is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony in a private setting.  The bride walks up to the groom while his back is turned towards her and then she has him turn around to see his beautiful bride.  We are able to capture the best reactions and emotions and it’s a great way to actually hug and kiss each other and spend more time together on your wedding day, PLUS you get so many more pictures of each other, rather than after the ceremony when things tend to be rushed.

Some brides are worried that their groom won’t have the same reaction and emotions as if they saw their bride walking down the isle during the ceremony.  I decided to ask my grooms their thoughts, reactions, perspective on the First Look, and this is what they had to say…

I have to start off by saying I’m not a fan of taking pictures but I do love having them to hold on to those memories and Jackie was wonderful at helping me feel comfortable the entire time she worked with us.  She was great at our engagement shoot and extremely professional at our wedding.  With that said, I was all for whatever input she had for us regarding perfect times to take pictures and the best moments for her to capture.  She talked to us about the “first look” idea early on and we decided to go with it.  After getting comfortable with my groomsmen I was positioned in a great spot as we waited for my wife to show up.  It was a wonderful moment where I got to see her all ready and we were able to talk briefly without all the chaos of the ceremony.  It was a wonderful way to relax a bit and enjoy seeing each other before the big show and some of our very favorite pictures were taken at that moment.  We also got to take a few awesome pictures with our big puppy as well.  Despite having seen her already there was still nothing like seeing her come down the aisle with her parents.  Jackie has a great understanding of the wedding process and knows the best moments to capture and the “first look” was definitely a wonderful time to get some amazing pictures and for us to calm down and spend time together before our big ceremony.  I’d definitely recommend trusting Jackie’s judgment throughout the process and you’ll come out with some amazing photo memories.”  Daniel

I really liked doing the first look. Seeing my bride before she walked down the isle didn’t take the surprise and anticipation away at all. I was just as incredible seeing her come down the isle, even though I had already seen her. It was actually better seeing her before because it gave us intimate time together without anyone else around. Plus spending that time together taking pictures before was great because we just got to be ourselves, talk, laugh and have some special time that no one else got to see. It made it so relaxed and she looked so stunning when I got to turn around and see her for the first time in her dress. Words can’t really explain how that moment is when you first see each other, but doing it just you and her is definitely the way to go.”  Logan

“Regarding first look, I really enjoyed being able to see my bride before she became my wife. It was nice to have the time with each other before we got caught up in the whole wedding with everyone else. It was our own personal time and it was great.”  Ryan

The first look was great because it allowed Amy and I to see each other in a more personal, less under-the-spotlight setting.  We could take our time and take it all in without worrying about the schedule of the wedding ceremony.  I think a lot of younger couples aren’t going as traditional as maybe their parents would have, so for us (not being super traditional) it made perfect sense.  Being able to get some dedicated photographs of the first look was also very nice, and taking these where we did (at the top of the stairs at Arden Hills) made for some of the best photographs of the entire wedding.  As for the emotional “effect”, believe me, it was all there!  I would urge all but the most traditional of couples to consider it as it adds a special, personal, and separate event on the day of the wedding.” Josh

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