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Our next stop on our Italy trip was a few nights in Sorrento.  I had never heard of this town but our travel agent highly recommended it, so I trusted her and boy were we glad we stayed as long as we did there!  This town is very touristy but so beautiful and fun!  After experiencing the beautiful rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany it was nice to now explore the coast of Italy.

This is really how wide their streets are in most places.  Cars and scooters really drive down them…

The beach

Scooters were everywhere!

Our first night in town, we were walking back to our hotel and noticed a walkway and just pitch black right next to it.  Scott said lets go check that out so we did and did not expect to see THIS from the walkway!  It is an old Roman Bath House.  Below shows it during the day.

We decided to rent a scooter and drive to Positano.  Wow, was that scary and fun!  People on scooters are crazy drivers, swerving in and out of on coming traffic, so I let Scott drive and I just hung on for dear life!  He was a great driver though, but there were times I had to hide my eyes because I thought I was going to have a limb taken off by how close we were getting to some of the cars.  By the end I was having a blast on it and now I want one for at home!

We only spent half a day in Positano but I wish we could’ve stayed longer.  It was such a beautiful town!

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant overlooking the water and had some delicious pizza!

We spent one day in Pompeii and all I can say is WOW!  The history, what’s left of the town, the things we saw in the town were just amazing!  We had a private tour guide and I HIGHLY recommend doing that rather than being bunched up with a ton of people and trying to hear what the guide is saying.  We learned so much history, it was just so fascinating!

A real human remain from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

Roman Bath House

A typical Roman house.  We are in the dinning room looking towards the front entrance.  The bedrooms are off the first main room where there is a fountain that would collect water from the rain.

Stay tuned for the final stage in our journey.

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