Ode to the Mustang :: Personal

Since I can remember I have had a love for Mustangs.  As a Freshman in high school I knew the exact Mustang I wanted when I was old enough to drive, a 1996 forest green Mustang Convertible.  When I finally turned 16 and got my license I started browsing around trying to find “the” one and ended up buying a 1966 Mustang “clunker”.  It was in rough shape but my mom and I saw a diamond in the rough and I bought it!

When I went off to college my parents told me I couldn’t take the Mustang with me because, well, it broke down on me about once a week and it wasn’t reliable to drive to college.  So I had to sell her and ended up buying a 1998 royal blue Mustang Convertible!  This car was F.U.N.!  She lasted me all the way up until my last month of college before graduating, I was T-boned by a PT Cruiser and that was enough to total her.  I was devastated to say the least!!

About 4 months later I bought this beauty, a 2006 Mustang GT.  Oh boy was she fun and FAST!  I took her to the Sac Raceway once for some racing fun, didn’t win but I loved every second of it.  Once Evan arrived I knew my days with my Mustang were numbered.  In the beginning I could sort of fit his car seat into the back of the Stang, but once he got into his toddler carseat, that was it, there was no fitting it in there.  So the day has finally come where I have to say good-bye and part ways.  We’ve had a lot of fun times and I will miss her so very much but I guarantee she will not be my last Mustang.

So now I’m on to the next journey, the sporty SUV and I am excited and sad at the same time but I know it will be great and it’s perfect for my little family which is most important.

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