How to prepare for your newborn session

Tips for your Newborn Session

Sessions are typically around 2-3 hours in length and are scheduled in our Roseville studio located at 7311 Galilee Rd. #175 Roseville, CA 95678.  We work off baby time so that includes, feedings, clean ups, rocking the baby, soothing, ect.  You also have the option to do a Lifestyle session in your home rather than a studio session.  Here’s an example of a lifestyle session:

To prepare baby for the session I suggest unclothing the baby and leaving a loose tab diaper on the baby and placing them in their carseat and covering with blankets.  This is an assurance of no clothing marks or indents on the skin.  I also recommend placing a blanket over the entire carseat before removing it from the car so that the sun beaming into the baby’s eyes will not wake them.  If you don’t feel comfortable leaving baby without clothes, just dress baby in a simple outfit that is very easy to take off.

Before leaving your house, it’s a good idea to clean the baby’s eyes with a warm wash cloth and to check baby’s nostrils for anything unsightly that you don’t want photographed.  Also, if the baby has dry skin put lotion on before leaving home, or coconut oil works really well.  It’s best if you can feed the baby prior to leaving the house for your session, or if you have a long drive you can feed baby once you arrive.  We want baby to have a full tummy and be nice and sleepy.

Mom, Dad and Siblings What to wear: I have 2 options for family pictures, either black on black or neutral colors.  If you’d like to do black on black then you will wear solid black (or any solid, dark colored shirt), no lace, jeans are great, cotton t-shirts work best for men, small stud earrings, no necklace, keep jewelry to a minimum but wedding bands are of course good to wear, but no watches.  Mom, feel free to wear comfy bottoms too, black yoga pants or maxi skirt work just fine since we don’t focus on your legs for the pictures, they are mainly waste up.  Please be mindful of low cut or V-neck tops.  No sweatshirts or sweaters please.  Bright colored nail polish really stands out so keep nails simple.  Khakis do not photograph well in these sessions.  And men, please do not wear a white t-shirt under your black/dark shirt.  Newborn will not need any clothing for the session.  Young siblings can wear another color or outfit other than black but it’s best for older siblings (5 years plus) to also wear black tops.  Feel free to bring another outfit for sibling pictures.  I have props and ideas in the studio for siblings as well or you can view my website for some ideas.  For a neutral background, browns, tans and ivory photograph the best.  I also have dresses for mom and we can have dad wear no shirt if he’s willing, skin-to-skin images are so beautiful!  Simple is best, so plain colored tshirts for dad work really well.

I have dresses in studio for mom to wear if you would like.  You can take a look at those options here, and feel free to try them on during our session:

For siblings, I have outfits for kids up to a 4T for girls and for boys if you bring a pair of jeans he can wear no shirt and I have suspenders we can add.  I always start with the newborn and then shortly after getting baby wrapped and settled in I will add sibling(s) in, and throughout the session I will bring sibling(s) in and out so they don’t get bored.  I always end with family photos so mom and dad will have time to get themselves ready while I’m focusing on baby.  I have lots of toys in the studio for kids to play with but it’s always a good idea to bring their favorite toy, book, snack or anything else you think they’d enjoy.

Nursing Mothers: Please avoid spicy food the night before and the day of session to prevent baby from having gas.  If baby is gassy I recommend bringing Gripe Water or Hyland’s Colic pills to our session.  It’s also helpful to bring a bottle ready in case baby decides to cluster feed.

Please consider bringing a change of clothes for everyone in case of an accident.  Be sure to bring lots of burp cloths, blankets, wipes and diapers.  Also, I highly recommend bringing a pacifier even if you haven’t give baby one yet, they help a fussy baby calm and fall asleep so please have one handy.

All hats/props/headbands you see on my site I have in studio, so you don’t need to bring anything unless there is something special you would like to incorporate in the pictures.

I look forward to working with you and your family!

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