David & Jordan :: Engaged, Sacramento Wedding Photographer

JQP_0912This winter has been an extremely wet one, and we need it, but it sure sucks having to reschedule so many photo sessions due to the bad weather.  I decided to pitch an idea to this amazing couple.  Lets embrace Mother Nature and just have fun with it!  It was wet, it was cold but it was so much fun and so worth it!  These two really went all out for me, did everything I asked them to as crazy as it must have sounded, and as they were shivering and drenched from head to toe they said they had a blast!  My camera was soaked as well, my makeshift ziplock bag with a hole cut out just didn’t cut it to keep it dry, but it still works so that’s a relief!  I love their adventurous spirit!

Lose_02Lose_09JQP_0931JQP_0960JQP_0984JQP_1060JQP_1067JQP_1111JQP_1145JQP_1189JQP_1210  Lose_25

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