Bryson & Megan :: Engaged, Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Bryson and Megan definitely have a unique relationship.  They’ve spent more time apart than they have together.  Both in the Navy, which is where and how they met they live in completely different areas of the world.  Megan, currently in England and Bryson currently in Florida, yet they talk and FaceTime each other constantly.  So with Megan out of the country, it was difficult for her to plan anything for her wedding.  That’s when her mom stepped in a literally planned every single detail, including me!  So I met these two for the first time the day of their engagement session, which was just 9 days before their wedding day. However, after talking and getting to know each other for a bit it was like we’ve known each other all along!  We met at Megan’s childhood home in El Dorado Hills and walked down to Folsom Lake where it was very chilly but very beautiful.  The sun was shinning and we couldn’t complain at all, plus they REALLY had to snuggle up for photos to keep each other warm!

These two are so in love, and who knew they’d end up together?!  Bryson put in a lot of effort to grab Megan’s attention in the very beginning, but she just kept shrugging him off.  It wasn’t until they were on a submarine together that she really noticed him and realized her feelings towards him were more than just friends.  And now they will be husband and wife in just 9 days!


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