Aleksei & Katherine :: Married, Grand Cayman Island Destination Wedding


To say Aleksei & Katherine’s Destination Wedding week was a blast would be an understatement!  I met Katherine while she was still living in San Francisco after she saw photos I did online from her friend’s wedding.  We met in person, it was love-at-first-site and she asked if I would fly to Grand Cayman Island and photograph her wedding day, “um, YEAH!!”  Well, the day finally came where we flew to the beautiful Grand Cayman Island and WOW oh WOW!  The whitest sands we’ve ever seen and the clearest water we’ve ever swam in.  If it wasn’t for our kiddos at home with Grandma we might not have ever gone home!  The day after we arrived we met most of their family and friends for their Boat Day.  The day started with some snorkeling amongst the gorgeous reef and tropical fish.  Then we moved to a sand bar in the middle of the Ocean where stingrays come to hang out, eat out of tourists hands and crash into legs of the un-expecting!  After hanging out with the stingrays and just lounging in the waist deep water we moved over to Starfish Beach where you can see Starfish hanging out in the shallow sand before they move to deeper water to find food.

Their wedding day was just as amazing.  Despite the weather calling for rain and thunder storms, we were hopeful for nice weather, and that we got!  Not even a drop of rain, and we had the perfect sky with gorgeous puffy clouds.  We really couldn’t have asked for better weather!  Katherine got ready at the Marriott Grand Cayman with all of her girls and it was the perfect setting for the beginning of the day!  Aleksei and Katherine decided to do a First Look and I was so excited they did because I had scouted THEE PERFECT spot, a dock not too far from the hotel.  It was a very hot and muggy day, according to locals it was the hottest day they’ve had all year, go figure, right?!  So we made our time very efficient and as quick as we could outside so we could all get back into the air conditioned limos.

They chose The Wharf Restaurant to have their Ceremony and Reception, and as soon as we walked in we could see why they chose it.  The Ceremony was on the white sand beach just outside of the restaurant, and the Reception was on their deck right at the water’s edge.  It was really the perfect setting, and according to their coordinator, Solange of Celebrations it’s really one of the best wedding venues in the Cayman Islands.

Their wedding day was filled with so much fun, laughter, tears and then more FUN at the Reception.  We stayed until the end of the night for a surprise Fireworks display over the water and then a sparkler exit (talk about a GRAND exit with fireworks and sparklers?!).  Yes, their wedding was epic!








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