Jacob :: 3 Months, Sacramento Baby Photographer

Dear Jacob, you are 3 months old already and I don’t even know where the time has come.  Luckily for you your life is already very well documented.  You are such a happy little boy, your face lights up when you see mommy, daddy or your big brother’s face.  You already adore you big brother too, he can make you smile no matter what and when he cries you also cry along with him with a big pouty lip.  Evan also adores you as well and I love how your bond is already growing each day.  He loves tickling your feet, tummy and head (sometimes a little too hard but you don’t seem to mind), and in the slightest moment I turn my back Evan will whisk you up in his arms and say “look mommy, I hold Jacob” while I try not to freak out and quickly help him set you back down on the couch.  He is so proud to be your big brother and wants to include you in everything he does, “mommy, you, me and Jacob come play in my room” is what I hear everyday, and he can’t wait until you’re big enough to play toys with him, he will teach you everything he knows about trains.  You love your sleep, just like your mommy, and started sleeping through the night at about 3 weeks old, sometimes I even have to wake you up after 8 hours of sleeping just to feed you, then you go right back to sleep.  When you sleep you remind me of your brother and you definitely are handsome like your daddy.  You’re also working on rolling over and can lift your head up like a champ!  You are so loved more than you will ever know!

<3, Mommy

Baby feet are my favorite, I can’t stop kissing them!

Photobomber!  Cody still loves licking your head, at least he doesn’t go for a kiss on your mouth.

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