Evan :: 3 Months

Has it really been 3 months already?!  Where has this time gone??  But these past months have seriously been the best!  Scott and I still can’t stop staring at him while he sleeps, it just amazes us how we made this perfect little human.  And he just makes the most adorable noises all the time I wish I could just record the noises and play them while I’m away from him.  And don’t even get me started on the way he smells, yeah I know it might sound weird but I just want to bottle up that new baby smell and keep it forever!  It has been so fun watching him learn and grow everyday and I swear he is going to be mobile very soon crawling around with the way he kicks his little legs like he’s in a race!  It is so amazing how having a child could bring my husband, Scott and I even closer than we already were.  He is such an amazing dad and an even more amazing husband!

My little happy boy being a ham in front of the camera…I’m training him early!

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