Bridgeport 2013 :: Personal

Last week the family and I were able to sneak away for our annual camping trip in Bridgeport, CA for almost 2 weeks.  Ok, so when I say camping I actually mean staying in a very very small cabin that has running water, a bathroom and a tiny kitchen, so we aren’t exactly roughing it.  We gave up the tent camping once we had Evan because it’s just easier to stay in a cabin (especially with a kid who is almost potty trained!) AND because there is a bear that likes to visit the campground almost every night.  We actually got a visit from Mr. Bear on one of the first nights we were there at 9:30 at night while we all were around the campfire.  He must have been about 16 yards away from us and didn’t make a sound!  Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture but it was definitely an experience!

We had such a blast, especially Evan!  He never lasted more than a minute outside in the dirt before having dirt covering his hands and face.  Most days he looked like a raccoon with all of the dirt on his face, and he was loving it (he’s such a boy!).  This trip, with Evan being 2 1/2 he was able to participate in more activities like fishing, which he loved until he got a fish on and then he lost interest ironically.

He loved helping his Nana cook in their trailer!

Cody in the middle and his cousins Jack and Jill.

Evan hanging out with his Uncle.

Of course we had to stop a few times at our favorite ice cream parlor, Jolly Kone.

We took a trip to the local ranch to hang out with the horses and Evan LOVED it!

My little fisherman!

3 generations of fishermen.  My hubby is in the middle and his dad in the front and brother in the back, and of course Evan at his side.

My handsome Cody boy loving his swim in the lake!

For the past 2 years we have enjoyed rain showers and a thunder and lighting show in the later afternoons and evenings and this time I was able to capture the lightning!

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